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Bartender of the Week: Barcadia’s Andrew


Name: Andrew Pilgrim

Bar: Barcadia

Relationship Status: Single

Major: English

Favorite Drink: Whisky with ginger beer

Favorite Shot: Vegas bomb

Disgusting Drink: Jager bomb


What mixed drink best masks the taste of shitty plastic jug vodka?:

Cranberry & vodka.


What would you say to a freshman in Barcadia:

Good luck!


What’s the best way to sneak liquor past your RA?:

Distract them with a cute girl.


When was the last time you find yourself at a dorm at LSU?:



5 simple words to make any freshman cry:

What would your parents think?


Name 2 things you miss about dining hall food and one thing you don’t:

On the fly stir fry and pizza. But I really don’t miss the pizza.


How should a freshman hit on you if they’re interested…sexually?:

Be smartassy and kind of a bitch.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

Live slow, die whenever. That’s why.


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