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Bartender of the Week: Duvics’ Alex


Name: Alexandria Leigh

Bar: Duvic’s Martini Lounge

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Biology

Favorite Drink: Rosemary Mule

Favorite Shot: Van Gogh Espresso Vodka

Disgusting Drink: Anything with cheap whiskey!


What does Les Miles drink on Sundays after a game? Why?:

It all depends on how the game goes…

If Brandon Harris came to this bar, what would you put in his drink?:

For legality and morality purposes, probably whatever he ordered.

3 ways LSU’s football games would be different if you could drink in the game:

Wait…I can’t drink at the game…?

Whose tight end do you most want to squeeze?:

I’m not one to squeeze and tell.

Five words why LSU will go undefeated this year:

Testosterone is pumping full blast.

What football term seems most like a sex act?:

Sacked. Think about it.

What sex act seems most like a football term?:

Supermanning. It kind of cracks me up to use that as a verb in a real life application.

Describe the last pile you were on the bottom of:

Dang. You really just skipped the foreplay of this conversation.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

The writers exude talent and ALWAYS keep things interesting.

Tell us your best tailgate story in 8 words or less:

Pounded drinks with hot Aussies in a field.

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