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Baton Rouge Establishments That Need a Liquor License


From Tigerland to Downtown, Baton Rouge is filled with bars that provide a safe zone to get drunk at on any day of the week. But what Baton Rouge doesn’t have are places you can get smashed at on campus or during the day. Here is somewhat of a petition for places that should totally have liquor licenses.


7.) Allen Hall:
What’s more entertaining than watching English majors get smashed and yell about their ACT scores from 6 years ago?



6.) Campus Ministries:
Should they really be allowed to have wine without this?


5.) Starbucks:
Don’t judge this one until you’ve had a Gingerbread Latte with Fireball.


4.) Every single cubicle in Mid:
Each and every stall on every floor in Mid would be a lot less depressing if they came with wine instead of drawings of dicks.


3.) Waitr:
Prevents drunk driving AND lets you get destroyed while eating BWW on your couch.


2.) Mike’s Habitat:
Mike would be the bartender. Just imagine him in a little apron.


1.) Middleton CC’s:
This one may seem counteractive, but Middleton hosts the most stressed-out students on campus. Having a few shots shouldn’t impair studying too much…


Let’s hope these places see this and take our requests into consideration.



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