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How Can Saturdays be for the Boys if We Have Class Today?

As fun as the LSU Sneaux Week of 2018 was, the university has decided to hold Saturday classes to make up for the precious hours lost. LSU students have been tweeting and texting about how pissed off they are about it, imploring professors and TA’s to let them have their weekend to themselves. The Black Sheep spoke with several heated LSU students to get the tea on the matter.

“Saturdays are for the fucking boys,” Nathan Long bellowed. “We boys have an innate desire to have Saturday’s to ourselves. Drinking and watching fucking sports; going to Fred’s the second it opens and getting shit-slammed ‘till the lights come on.”

Long and his roommates all seem to agree that “Saturdays are for the boys,” and that rule does not just apply to football season.

“I didn’t know ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ meant all year long,” Natalie Fellows, girlfriend of Nathan Long, stated. “Nate and I started dating in October. There hasn’t been one Saturday that we’ve gone on a date. I like watching sports too, but he tells me really needs that day with only his boys.”

“Doesn’t matter that football season is over,” Long informed The Black Sheep. “Sports are year round, and so is beer. I have to pregame the Super Bowl starting on Saturday, and if I can’t watch the Cavs game while I power through frinks, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.”

As well as some heated NBA matchups and the Super Bowl this weekend, Fred’s will be celebrating its 36th anniversary. They have a hot lineup of live music, including 16 Bucks, Neutral Snap, and Burnhouse. Fred’s will be boiling crawfish and pouring out hours of free drinks Thursday through Sunday.

“Swear to God if there’s no crawfish left when I get out of accounting, I’m withdrawing from the university,” Long continued. “My dad doesn’t donate half his savings to my fraternity for me to be treated like this.”

This will be Long’s first Saturday away from his boys in 13 years. Despite angry phone calls from Daddy, the university will still be having Saturday classes on February 3rd.


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