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Can You Feel It in The Air? A Back-To-School Ballad for The LSU Tiger in You

Can you feel it in the air? No, we’re not referring to this strange sorcery of cold weather upon us, but the joyous spirits of LSU students all around campus who are absolutely elated for another semester chockfull of easy-going fun like 8 a.m. classes and amphetamine-induced all-nighters—the kinds that leave you puking in the Middleton bathroom at 7 a.m. right before your Chemistry exam.

Can you feel it in the air? We know you’ve been dying slowly this past month…left all alone in the comfort of your own bed with nothing to do but binge-watch West World and eat your weight in Christmas dinner leftovers. No worries, you’ll be right back in the cozy math lab soon enough, crunching those sexy little numbers for 3.5 hours. Mmm, can’t you just smell that muster of tiger pheromones in the air all around, luring you right back to where you belong?

Can you feel it in the air? You’re finally back in the chilly basement of Allen, listening to the incessant sound of your hyped-up professor decode her syllabus word for word, reminding you the next few months of class will basically be as painful as that time you accidentally watched a porno with your Roman Catholic parents, and your heart just…smiles. Yeah, you feel that shit in the air, and it feels wonderful.

Can you feel it in the air? Look at you! You actually put on pants today. Or maybe you’d just been wearing that same majestic AF cat onesie from Wal-Mart all break long, but opted for the classier choice of Hanes sweatpants this week. (They closely resemble leggings, right? Asking for a friend…) Hey, come to think of it, you’re actually outside for the first time in weeks! Man, your eyes are probably burning from so much sun exposure; after all, the only form of light you’ve gotten in the past few weeks is from the warm, basked-light of your laptop screen. Feel that vitamin D? Shit’s great.

Can you feel it in the air? You’re finally back standing in the two-mile-long line at Barnes and Noble, purchasing $500 worth of textbooks on really intriguing shit like the subliminal theory of Longinus. What? What do you need that $500 for anyway?

We know you only sorta enjoyed your total stressful time at home, lounging in your pj’s while eating your parents’ free groceries. But now, it’s geaux time. Be sure to set your alarms for the ass-crack of dawn from here on out. And remember, Tiger Trails waits for no man—not even if the bus driver CLEARLY sees you running after in the rain to get on board.


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