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If Donald Trump Ran The LSU Twitter


Donald Trump, before becoming President of the United States, was known for his flagrant Twitter account. He’s called out many celebrities and politicians, as well as tweeting his beliefs and hopes for America. Whether you’re for or against him, his Twitter has probably made you laugh or cringe at some point or another. Now, imagine, if for a moment, what it would be like if Donald Trump ran LSU’s Twitter…


This was tweeted right before Miles’ final act: the LSU vs. Auburn game. Trump predicted this one–and you better not forget it!


Donald wants a wall to be built between Greek Row and the rest of campus so GDI’s can’t steal any Greek privileges– like parking by the UREC or breathing their air.


Donald’s pretty blunt about his opinion on dining hall chicken wings. Simply, they’re just sad!


One of Donald’s goals is to employ more Americans in American jobs. Why not employ this idea here at LSU? Let’s finish that lazy river ourselves, like REAL Americans!


Donald wants to build a pipeline through Tiger Stadium to create more jobs. Yes, the stadium is sacred to us in the fall, but it could create a lot of jobs. Many, many jobs. 


Donald loves Bogie’s and Old Row, and especially the ladies. Why not celebrate all three with the soulful sound of 3 Doors Down?


Donald tweeted this one at the Bama game that had us all on pins and needles. Bama fans felt this tweet went a little too far–Saban is just a man with an opinion!!


Maybe LSU would be a little more perfect if Donald Trump ran our Twitter. Maybe.

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