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Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From Tiger Droppings Aficionados

Ever find yourself pondering the mysteries of life on a scary Sunday? How about being stranded on an away game day with no place to go? Look no further, Tigers… the experts from the Tiger Droppings forums are sitting behind their computer screens right now, pantless and drunk, ready to answer to all your apprehensions.

The truth is, they know what’s up and have a thread with an opinion on literally everything. Here’s a compilation of all things LSU:

5.) The BBQ Beef Masters:

BBJ asked: “Tennessee trip. Taking wives. Help. They want to go to dinner on Friday night. Any suggestions? This is Tennessee vs. LSU away game reip.”

Please do not feed the hot girls. Also, someone find this man some wives, he wants to party.

4.) Are We Like, Hotter Than Bama?:

DBeaux225 asked: “Is it me or did we look more physical than Bama?”
I agree, D Beaux, Williams’ ass looked real “physical” in those golden pants.

3.) Asparagus Decoded:

BogeyGolf asked: “Asparagus.. Why do you taste so good yet smell so bad?”

Very important stuff here.


2.) Bacan Or Ham?

Spankem asked: “Bacon or Ham for Saturday? In honor of our Tigers eating Hog on Saturday morning, I will start bright and early with an omelet. Should I go with bacon or ham?”

With this past game, appetites were challenged and obviously, this man slayed. We hope he enjoyed his wild assortment of porks.


1.) The Milk of the Poppy:

LSUboudreau asked: “What you baws mixing in your coffee Saturday morning?”

The secret to a happy gameday is Fireball with a splash of coffee.

If you’ve never found yourself lost in the black hole that is the Tiger Droppings forums then what are you even doing with your life?



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