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‘Fred’s Luvs Women’: Tigerland Bar Hires First Bartender Without a Penis

In wake of the #TimesUp movement and ever-growing popularity of “feminism”, one Tigerland bar, Fred’s, known for its’ brethren of all-male staff, decided to hire their first ever female bartender. Fred’s intends to show the town their devout love and respect for all women, “even the hairy-legged ones.”

“We were just thinking of ways to attract the…other half of LSU,” says Chase Hunter, bar-back and manager of Fred’s newest initiative, Fred’s Luvs Women! “But we talked about it—and thought, hmm, how can we update the place while shutting up the haters? So I said, hey, what better way to boost business and please everybody than to join in on this trend we’ve been hearing a lot about, this ‘hashtag Time’s Up’ I see everywhere. I said to the boys in our meeting, ‘hey let’s give women–woman. One woman, a chance to serve too.’ Fred’s luvs women!”

Fred’s newest bartender, Stacey Stacks anticipates her big debut in T Land this Saturday night where she will get to pour freshly-squeezed OJ-screwdrivers into people’s mouths.

“I’m just so blessed to be a part of this sort of new generation of women who just like, now have the power and opportunities that all of the other boys do. They’re even giving me my own special uniform with my name en=mbroidered on it. I just feel really welcomed here with my boys.”

Stacey Stacks, sophomore at LSU, is one of the many women who applied for a bartending position at Fred’s, never thinking she could be the lucky lady to land such a position in a traditionally, all-male work environment.

Stacey hopes to, “change the game” for female Tigerland bartenders and to rethink the way people look at women in bars.
“I’m not like most girls, you know? I’m really just one of the guys, as I’ve always just hung out with all dudes,” says Stacey. “ I never let a little cat-calling get in the way of my professional career.”

Chase Hunter invites all tigers to come out and play this Saturday, where you can not only enjoy all the fresh-squeezed OJ your heart desires from Stacks herself, but come check out Stacey as she makes some very rare history! #FredsLuvsWomen


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