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Group of LSU Sorority Girls Mistaken For Tourist Group


It was just another ordinary day for Tiger Trails bus driver, Candy Winn, when she stumbled upon what was a group of LSU female students all huddled together at the bus stop, dressed in “the exact same outfit”: black leggings, a gray zip up sweater, and tennis shoes.


“I asked them if they needed any help finding a particular place on campus,” says a troubled Candy, “they all looked so confused just standing there in a cluster… must have been about about 20 of them, all wearing the same ‘uniform’. How bizarre is that, right? I thought they belonged to some type of tourist group or maybe an athletic sports team, I don’t know.”


The gray zip up, blacking legging look Candy speaks of, seems to be a trend that hits campus this time of year for LSU female students, particularly amongst the Greek community.


Ashley Bunns, freshman, and member of Miu Oda Miu explains her reasoning behind this every day ‘uniform’: “I mean leggings are the only pants I’ve ever worn in my entire life, you know? I don’t really know how the gray zip up came to be, it just kinda, found me after I joined my sorority and I just haven’t taken it off since.”



Candy isn’t the only one totally perplexed by this campus trend, as other students have commented on this simplistic-athletic look: “They’re everywhere,” says Junior, Brett Goldman, GDI. “It’s always around Halloween when they start popping up out of nowhere, how ironic right? Thought I was hallucinating at first, seeing the same girl around every corner. Turns out it’s just another Greek thing I’ll never understand.”


Ashley plans to stick to this outfit choice for the rest of the semester, ready for the harsh winter that lies ahead.



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