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11 Things For Tigers to Write on Their Prof Eval Forms

As a final inconvenience before the end of the semester, LSU asks students to fill out a teacher evaluation form. While most students choose not to provide any meaningful feedback, The Black Sheep encourages its readers to make their evaluations worthwhile with these suggestions.

11.) Your twitter handle:

Career options are bleak at this point anyway. What harm could your private twitter account really cause? Educate your professors on the latest memes by writing down your twitter handle and a classic “follow for follow?” note.

10.) The Fairly Odd Parents theme song:

Test your memory by recounting the entire opening theme to The Fairly Odd Parents. It’s an excellent mental exercise. Not today, Alzheimer’s!

9.) The Gettysburg Address:

In honor of your emancipation from this hellhole for the summer.

8.) Your to-do list:

We know there are better things you could be doing. Let your teacher know you don’t have time for this shit in the most passive aggressive way possible. Bonus points if you come up with something to make them thoroughly uncomfortable. Example: water the plants, make groceries, perform enema, load the dishwasher, shave ass crack, paint nails, move body from the garage.

7.) Erotic poetry:

This is a great option for those professors that make your panties drip. Let them know exactly how you feel. And exactly how much you retained from their English 2000 course!

6.) Your horoscope:

Leave your professor with some uneasy life advice as they enter a new semester with new, equally ungrateful students. The least you can do is let them know that they’ll reach their creative peak next Thursday as Jupiter moves into the seventh house.

5.) Terms and conditions:

Your professor probably doesn’t read these anyway.

4.) Relationship advice:

Now is your chance to tell your professor what you were really thinking when he went on and on about his bitch ex-wife and his dismal OK Cupid profile.

3.) A link to your Soundcloud:

Don’t let your talent go unrecognized! You’ve given your soundcloud to just about everyone on this campus already. One last act of desperate harassment won’t hurt anyone.

2.) The LSU alma mater:

Let your professor know just how deep your tiger pride runs. Bonus points for anyone who doesn’t fuck up the second verse.

1.) Just shit on the paper:

This is a bit of an antiquated approach, as LSU recently transitioned to an online evaluation format. Damn technology.

While evaluation forms are anonymous, you shouldn’t have to let your voice go unheard. When the time comes to fill out evaluations, seize the opportunity to be yourself.

“And remember… Have fun with it!” – Hugh Neutron


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