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LSU Baseball Team Releases Balloons for Rally Possum Anniversary

Almost a year ago, LSU fans everywhere were swooning over a little possum that ran onto the field at the LSU vs. Arkansas game; thus, the #RallyPossum was born. With the start of LSU Baseball season in full swing, the team has had a certain mammal on their minds. We at The Black Sheep spoke with LSU’s pitcher, Jared Poche, for details on where the rally possum is today.

“I wanted a reunion with the rally possum to happen. I wanted kids to be able to hold him and take pictures,” said Poche. “I really had a vision for him.”

The team reached out to the rally possum’s social media manager, Kara Trunkett, to arrange the meet and greet.

“No one has tweeted #RallyPossum in months. I was out of a job, my rent was due, my boyfriend keeps punching holes in the walls… I had to do something,” Trunkett states. “I sold him into a celebrity rodent ring to pay all the bills.”

The opossum’s current whereabouts are unknown to Trunkett, as the sale was swift and underhanded. For her own safety, she refused to give The Black Sheep the name of the alleged “celebrity” rodent rink.

“I can’t say much, but basically they buy and sell all of the internet famous rodents in a circus show,” Trunkett goes on. “They have that water skiing squirrel and the pizza rat. They wanted the Rally Possum for name recognition, and maybe to sell to some LSU superfan out there. Who knows.”

The LSU Athletic Department was shocked by the Rally Possum’s fate. Poche and fellow teammates wish they had been able to intervene.

“Obviously we’re pretty devastated,” says Poche. “I think I can speak on behalf of the entire LSU family in saying the Rally Possum will have a special place in all of our hearts. We wanna do everything we can to make sure the Rally Possum name doesn’t die in vain.”

To honor the opossum’s legacy, the LSU Baseball team will have a balloon releasing ceremony before their game at Alex Box Stadium this Wednesday, March 22. The team encourages the entire LSU community to join.

“It would mean everything,” continues Poche. “I know Rally Possum wishes he could be here for one more Saturday night at the Box. Hopefully these balloons will reach him, wherever the little guy is.”

If you can’t make it to Wednesday night’s ceremony, make sure to tweet #RallyPossum this week and get his name trending. The LSU Baseball team hopes a Twitter trend will help locate the opossum. Don’t let the world forget his name.


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