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Reggie’s Hex Continues to Mysteriously Transport Upperclassmen Inside

This past week, reports have been coming into The Black Sheep regarding a supernatural occurrence in Tigerland. The men’s bathroom in Reggie’s appears to have an impenetrable force field around it, sucking in patrons. We at The Black Sheep spoke to Reggie’s workers and the victims to learn more.

Reginald “Reggie” Costanza, owner of Reggie’s spoke to us about his experience with the hex. Costanza sees the hex as nothing new.

“Now, I don’t know how it got here or who summoned it. But this is ain’t the first time I’ve seen this bathroom fulla witchcraft hooey.”

Costanza claims the hex reignites every four years, trapping patrons into spending another night at Reggie’s. Origins of the hex are unknown, but it seems it was created to bring business to the infamous freshman bar.

“No one’s sued me yet, and when business is bad, I just rely on a few spells. Kids go in the bathroom, get hexed, they don’t wanna leave my bar. Don’t fix what’s not broken, know what I mean?”

Robert Hurley, LSU junior, has been trapped by the hex twice this weekend. We spoke with Robert to get his take on the commodal anomaly.

“I don’t know what happened. I walked out onto the Fred’s patio, blinked, then I was on my knees in the Reggie’s urinal,” Hurley explains. “That was Saturday.”

Hurley claims the hex traps upperclassmen at opposing Tigerland bars and drags them into Reggie’s. Half of his friend group claim to have been taken by the hex at least once in the past two weeks.

“On Tuesday, I went to the pool table at JL’s, and bam– back in the Reggie’s bathroom again. I’m supposed to go to Bogie’s on Friday, but what if the hex hasn’t worn off? I’m getting too old for this. I can’t take all this much Reg.”

Further investigation on the science behind the hex is to be decided. For now, be careful where you step in Tigerland. You might just end up in your freshman year all over again.


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