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5 Totally Extra Things That Happened at LSU This Valentine’s Day

Ah, another Valentine’s Day has come and gone too soon. We hope you enjoyed the day of love and rainbows and side chick revelations. It’s the one-day of the year the drunken baby with the love-infected arrows comes to town, shooting everyone in the butts—triggering some very extra behavior. It seemed LSU campus got hit HARD this year, causing rather extra happenings; here’s what we encountered:

5.) A Huggable Magician:

What better way to make your ex jealous then to post a snap story of you and this mysterious gentleman on the most romantic day of the year? Hopefully on your way to class, you got a nice revenge photo shoot, along with some free human affection.

4.) Some Valentine’s Day Decorations:

It seems love isn’t welcomed on these streets…And neither are you?

3.) A Condom Booth:


So on the way to class, we got stopped by these kind strangers and were showered in these romantic treasures. They asked us to place a condom on a wooden penis (slowly) while they filmed? And they even gave us free tips on how to not get pregnant and/or STDs! Cool?

2.) A Serenading Ukulele Player:

Free condoms and romantic music? Wow, LSU really knows how to treat a lady. We hope you got the opportunity to be swooned by this fellow as you shoved your face with chocolates from your grandmother while watching those couples swing away aimlessly in their ENOs. (Seriously, do these kids even go here?)

1.) A Decapitated Bear:

Brangelina broke up OK, LOVE IS DEAD.

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