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If Your Favorite Spots at LSU were Thanksgiving Foods


The holidays are coming up, and we all have our favorite place to retreat on LSU’s campus. Whether it’s your favorite spot to study, place to hide from your annoying classmate that won’t leave you alone about that group project, where you eat your sad lunch alone, or just a spot to sit, relax, and enjoy life. We’ve compared each of these famous locations on campus to traditional Thanksgiving foods, and it’s deliciously funny:


5.) Bell Tower:


lsu-memorial-tower-sweet potato


This sweet, monumental place on campus is a classic staple to our school, and that’s why we’re calling it the sweet potatoes. With its constant ringing of the Alma Mater and ticking of the clock, it’s like the dish your grandmother brings every year—except she doesn’t just bring a dish, she brings her questions: why didn’t you bring a significant other to Thanksgiving? Don’t you know your clock is ticking? Uhhh c’mon Grams, just let me eat my yams in peace, girl. Kthanks.


4.) The Indian Mounds:




Nobody really knows the story behind these two Mounds, but we all accept them and love to act an ass on top of them, which is why they’re the warm bread rolls of Thanksgiving dinner. You know you should only eat one roll, because of the carbs and all, but you always end up grabbing two of those buttery bad boys. Then you wash ‘em down with your mom’s glass of wine when she gets up from the table. Shhh, we won’t tell.


3.) The Parade Grounds:




Of course we’re calling this luscious patch of greenery on campus the green bean casserole. You always see students studying with their blankets in the grass, and you think, “Damn, that looks peaceful. One day I’ll do that.” But ya never do. That’s just like the casserole: one year, you’re gonna try it. You will. Just not this year. It looks too weird.


2.) Mike’s Habitat:




The home of our mascot is always super fun to stop and gaze at, especially after a long day of classes when you’re walking to your car to head home. That’s why Mike the Tiger is the pumpkin pie, the dessert after a long dinner. It’s like when you’re freaking stuffed and can’t possibly eat another bite, then Dad brings out the pumpkin pie and, oh shit, you just start diggin’ in. That’s our Mike. You can’t help stopping to look at that sweet, hairy fucker.


1.) Tiger Stadium:




Oh yeah, you guessed it. Tiger Stadium is the motherfucking turkey. The centerpiece. The favorite. The pride and joy. It’s the place that makes every LSU student, alum, and fan so freaking proud to be a Tiger. There’s just no other place in the SEC like it, just like there’s no other dish on the table like that crispy, mouth-watering, piece of heaven. Death Valley is the turkey, baby. And the turkey is the reason we come to Thanksgiving dinner.


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