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LSU Fraternity Intramural Football Team Volunteers to Play in Tiger Stadium During Bye Week


This year during the bye-week, an LSU fraternity vowed to step-up and make a change for the better by giving people what they want— football.


The fraternity, Gamma Delta Gyro, is known around campus for having an intramural football team that is “hands-down, the tits,” and they want to use this talent in Tiger Stadium.


Gamma Delta Gyro suggested to LSU Football Administration that they would be a good alternative entertainment source this weekend, as they are the best intramural team on the row.


GDG senior and captain of the football team Brock McBrock had this to say about the big game Saturday:



“Look, we don’t even know who we’re playing yet, but I damn-well know they are getting the shit beat out of them.”


Although no LSU officials have acknowledged GDG’s request to play in Tiger Stadium this weekend, the fraternity is very confident that their wish will be granted. When asked about their


chances of getting the gig, sophomore and quarterback Connor Davis said this:


“Of course they’re gonna let us play in the stadium. Who else would they pick? GDI’s? Doubt it.”


As for now, this Saturday is still scheduled as a bye week. Updates to follow.



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