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6 Laws LSU Students Break Every Weekend In Tigerland

While LSU is a well-respected establishment, at times our students can have some pretty disrespectful moments. As hard as we try, something about Tigerland brings out our inner degenerate. Next time you go out in Tigerland, take a shot for every one of these 6 laws you’ve broken at some point.  

6.) Loitering:

On Tigerland’s busiest nights, there’s always groups loitering the parking lots, gas stations, and all sides of the bar. Whether it’s because the bar’s closing or your fake ID got taken away, you have to loiter outside while you scheme your next move.

5.) Disorderly Conduct:

Watching a fight happen at any given bar is almost a guarantee. Something about alcohol and raging amounts of testosterone while “Bad n Boujee” plays gets Tigerland patrons real rowdy. Bonus points if you’ve made it on the Reggie’s banned list!

4.) Public Urination:

This one’s a given. You were crossing the threshold between JL’s and Bogie’s but your bladder couldn’t make it past the train tracks guarding Tigerland. Squat and air-dry, baby.

3.) Minor in Possession:

Your friend’s brother’s friend knows the door guy and somehow this wristband slipped on your hand and now you’re so drunk you forgot you can’t walk outside the bar with a Michelob Ultra. It’s actually a rule that you can’t graduate without at least one MIP under your belt.

2.) Possession of Marijuana:

If you’re not getting crossfaded on a night out in Tigerland, you’re doing it wrong. It’s so ratchet, just being drunk simply isn’t enough. Hotbox the bathroom, your car, or literally just blow smoke right in the doorman’s face.


1.) Public Indecency:

Sometimes, you go out on t-shirt night with no expectations. Sometimes, you happen to meet your love of the night. And sometimes, that blowjob just can’t wait. Love always finds a way.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve probably done at least one of these in our LSU Lifetime. If you’ve managed to do all 6 in one night, you’re more of a legend than Shaq himself.


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