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Every Man I’ve Ever Loved Was an AGR


Relationships in college can be tumultuous; one minute it feels like forever, the next minute he cheats on you at frinks and it’s over. Love on LSU’s campus can be hard to find, and The Black Sheep has been looking for the perfect love story to inspire the hopeless romantics out there. This week, we spoke with senior Jeannie McPipe about her experiences with love and loss during her undergrad adventure at LSU.


“Every man I’ve ever loved was an AGR,” Jeannie recalled. “Never have I felt love so sweet, so sincere as the love that came from that little house on Lakeshore.”


AGR, one of LSU’s esteemed fraternities, became a home away from home for Jeannie. Her first encounter with the fraternity was at a party in the Fall of 2015, and her life has never been the same since then.


“I’d say I’ve dated eight AGR’s since I first met them. Some people hear that statistic and scoff at me,” Jeannie stated. “However, I regret nothing. Chad, Joe, Pat, James, Joe, Mikey, Chad, and Kyle treated me with a respect I’ve never known.”


The Black Sheep was not able to reach Chad, Joe, Pat, James, Joe, Mikey, Chad, or Kyle for comment. However, Jeannie recounts some of her fondest memories from her list of lovers.


“Chad #1 was a whirlwind. From his shitkickers to his plaid Columbia shirts, he was just the full package,” Jeannie stated wistfully. “Even after a long day of woodworking, his hands were still so soft.”


Jeannie told The Black Sheep her breakup with most of the AGR’s was mutual. Throughout each relationship, there’s been no hard feelings amongst the brothers— just love.


“I’ll never forget when Joe first kissed me,” Jeannie continued. “Right under the party buck. It was my 20th birthday. Oh, the memories.”


Jeannie says she’s taking a break from dating this semester to “focus on herself” but she is looking forward to dating another AGR by the holidays.


“There’s nothing like taking an AGR home to your parents for Christmas,” Jeannie smiles. “They could charm the pants off anyone.”


The Black Sheep would like to wish Jeannie good fortune on her journey with love. Don’t we all just want someone to come home to?



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