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LSU Daddy of The Week: Brennen Reed

Name: Brennen Reed
Major: Construction Management
Year: Junior
Twitter: @MemeMeister_

While Brennen Reed may be your run-of-the-mill construction management major by day, his true passion is conjuring up memes and shitposts from the deepest and darkest pits of the web. “Meister” is no term used lightly for this meme maker. He’s a normcore bro that has good old fashioned fun with titties and a drag name that could put any Drag Race All-Star to shame.

1.) You don’t go to LSU if ______
You’ve never dated a girl that dips.

2.) Will you circumcise your first born?
No homo but I don’t want my boy to have no ugly dick, that shit looks scary.

3.) What about the second-born?
Probably so, that way his bro don’t flame him and call him “hooded warrior” or “sweater snake” or some shit like that.

4.) Softcore porn or Game of Thrones sex scenes?
What’s the difference?

5.) Worst place to find a skid mark?
Worst place I’ve ever found one was on my pillow.

6.) Preferred body part to luge?
Boob luge of course.

7.) Where do you side on the “big titties & small ass v. small titties & big ass” debate?
You know I think both of those have their perks and their downfalls but I really just want a bitch with a thicc personality. I’m not playing with ya titties if we can’t relate.

8.) You once tweeted, “Goth girls are officially banned. We leaving them behind. Normal bitches is the new wave, so long you goofy freaks?” Do you think there’s been a change since you tweeted this? Has there been a decrease in the population of goth girls on campus?
Yeah, I feel I’ve made a positive impact on LSU’s community and I’m helping goth girls to realize it’s just a phase. Definitely have seen less goth thots since releasing this statement. Also, since they got rid of the benches outside of Middleton, the goth thots seem to have no more reason to come to school.

9.) What would your drag name be?
Janice Dick-In-Ur-Son or Abortia Clinique.

10.) If you could name Kim and Kanye’s next baby what would it be?
Ray J.

11.) If you could ask God anything what would it be?
Easy, I’d ask him to spell icup.

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