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LSU Deadheads Say, “Wicky Sicky No-No” To Finals Week

The Grateful Dead, also known as the stoner dad rock band, has quite the cult following at LSU. Though the band goes by Dead & Co. now and is joined by white-jazz artist, John Mayer, stoner frat bro’s of LSU are all for it. The Dead & Co. tour is making its way to Nola on December 5th, smack dab in the middle of finals week, and the Deadheads have something to say about it.

“You don’t just go to a Dead show,” Reese McKinley, LSU junior and longtime Grateful Dead fan tells The Black Sheep. “It’s an experience. A journey, if you will.”

McKinley and his Deadhead comrades have been in an uproar over their conflicting schedules. Many of them find themselves torn between the social stigma of a college degree and just livin’ life, man.

“We’ve written letters to F. King Alexander. Yes, letters. Old school. Like the Dead would’ve done back in the day,” McKinley wrote to The Black Sheep in an email sent from his iPhone.

The Deadheads have yet to hear back from President Alexander and are trying other forms of protest. For the next two weeks, they have a table in free speech alley to hand out free tabs of acid, tye dye shirts, and CD’s to “wake people’s minds up.”

“The problem is not enough people have been revived from the Dead,” McKinley continues. “Society, capitalism, all this shit controls you. If everyone would just sit back, roll dick, and listen to American Beauty, we wouldn’t even have to protest finals. I bet we wouldn’t even have finals in the first place, man.”

LSU’s Deadhead community hopes the entire week of finals will be cancelled so they have time to “make a journey out of it” and “trip through their week-long trip” for the concert. However, chances of finals cancellation seem grim.

“Usually, we say ‘wicky sicky gnar gnar,’ but today, I’m saying ‘wicky sicky no no,’” McKinley says in his final statement to The Black Sheep. “I’m taking my bong, my bro’s, and my bowl to the Big Easy. Fuck my Econ final.”

This finals week, let the music play, brothers.

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