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LSU PD Releases List Of Red Flag Words in Connection with Laundry Sauce Epidemic

Despite the recent decline in the “Laundry Sauce” fad which swept the nation in December of 2017, states, cities, and schools are becoming increasingly concerned with its consequences, particularly the many who couldn’t shake its tenacious grip.

LSU student Molly Jennings recently came forth to the LSU Police Department with a series of suspicious text messages from her sorority group text. “I really care about these girls, and I would hate to see anything bad happen to them because of an addiction that can be helped.”

“I first became suspicious when I started seeing strange abbreviations like ‘tbt’ and ‘lol’ in our group message, and I thought if I’m going to help them then I need to act quickly and inform the police.”

LSU PD was very appreciative of Molly’s coming forth.

“Young people have almost their own language, and unless someone who understands it comes forth with information, it is very hard for us to interpret their speech. With Ms. Jennings help, we have drafted a comprehensive list of what these abbreviations could mean, and a hotline to contact if any of these codes with criminal implications are seen,” LSU PD stated.

LSU PD provided The Black Sheep with a list of the suspicious text acronyms:

“LOL”- laundry or lunch?
“BRB”- barfing really bad
“DTF”- digesting Tide fast
“BYOB”- bring your own box
“JFC”- just found Clorox
“TTYL”- try Tide, you’ll like
“SMD”- sip my Downy
“WTF”- wanting Tide food
“<3”- used to indicate heart pain and beckon for emergency help
“ILY2”- I left you two (presumably Tide pods)
“WYA”- where’s your Arm & Hammer?
“Getting help from a TA”- getting help from Tide’s Anonymous
“GTG”- good Tide guzzling
“JFC”- just found Clorox
“TBT”- throwing back Tide

LSU will be contacting all parents, and urging them to monitor their children’s’ text messages in hopes of quickly identifying those most at risk.

With the efforts of law enforcement, public health officials, and brave students, we can only hope that this epidemic quickly comes to an end.

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