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7 Best LSU Pick Up Lines


Many say romance here at LSU is dead. They say love is lost in a world where the term “Shacker Sundays” exists. We hopeless romantics at The Black Sheep have come up with a solution for all of you emotionally-numb students out there. With these seven pick up lines, you are sure to land anyone–from a Golden Girl to the captain of the LSU Quidditch team.

7.) Girl, you Greek? Cuz I’m tryna freak:

If you live the “Greek-Dick-Only” lifestyle, this one’s for you. With this one-liner, you’re sure to weed out those pesky GDI’s.

6.) I’m like Mike VI in bed:

If you’re not super suave, shoot your shot with this line. It’s a simple one-liner sure to lure in any animal-lover. This line’s about a 50/50 shot, though, as some might think it’s #TooSoon.

5.) My dick could rival the Memorial Tower:

For those of you who are a little more bold, this one’s a winner. It works best if you stand outside of the Memorial Tower all day and shout it at every girl who passes by until someone gives in.

4.) I know it’s wine night but are you ready to whine tonight?:

Some of us need a little alcohol to woo members of the opposite sex. Not to mention, JL’s wine night is one of the best places to find love in all of Tigerland.

3.) I’d do you in the Lockett Hall bathroom:

It’s common knowledge that the bathrooms in Lockett are the absolute worst place on campus. Telling someone you’re willing to go through the strife of a Lockett bathroom quickie means you’d just about go to the end of the earth for them.

2.) You got Paw Points?:

If you’re into freshmen and you’re too broke to buy a hash brown from McDonald’s–look no further. A little midnight romance in exchange for a decent meal isn’t so bad, and all of those freshman’s Paw Points just rolled over….

1.) I’d give you more than just a Free Hug:

Everyone knows and loves Free Hugs guy from Free Speech Alley, so why not incorporate him into your love life? Higher chance of success if you’re wearing a top hat when you say it. 

Hopefully after trying one or all of these pick-up lines, your love life will improve. Guard your hearts and your genitals this week, Tigers.



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