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LSU Slang as Defined by Urban Dictionary

A team of esteemed urbane intellectuals have compiled 6 terms that ring true to thee, LSU. At one point in your life, the smaller things became bigger and more mature— well, at least, one would hope. To keep up with this progression, your vocabulary intellect was augmented thanks to Urban Dictionary. Sometimes, with augmentation comes misrepresentation, luckily for you The Black Sheep is not here to deceit you. The following is the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

6.) Geaux:

Get innovative with this play on word! Inform your parents you’re acquiring a minor in French with their hard-earned money, instead of— gasp— actually learning. Send them a picture of your final grades and say, “Seaux, my 1.eaux bleauxs, seaux I have to geaux to summer school, but I’m bilingual.”

5.) Tiger Bait:

Firstly, this term is not a play on words for Tiger Woods’ mistresses. Although, much like his mistresses, you wish she was yours, or you wish you were her. Was it in the spring? Yes, but then spring became the summer. Things got convoluted and good times never seemed so shrimpin’ bad.

4.) LSU Coaching:

Well, this is obviously Nick Saban (curbyfit) caught red handed doing something other than sitting on puppies. Reassuring for his health that he finds joy in something and can break a smile through lighthearted ridicule.

3.) Tiger Wood:

76% of students live off campus and the male to female ratio is virtually 1:1. Given these statistics, it’s time to get up off the couch and get to hunting in the jungle of Baton Rouge! 

2.) F-150:

Chris, you’re undoubtedly correct, but due to the obvious swamp-like terrain in Baton Rouge, there is no shortage of F-150’s. They are absolutely necessary and if they aren’t lifted, then what kind of aesthetic are you trying to give off?  

1.) LSU:

This one says it all, the Supreme of the South! Well, something like that (obviously not in football), according to cajun-irish guy.

We hope you are now confident in being able to hold a conversation with just about anyone with these few words. Well, at least in Baton Rouge.


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