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7 Things to Put Out for LSU Trick-or-Treaters


Every Halloween college students do the same thing— get drunk somewhere wearing either a jersey or a slutty bunny costume. While they will end up with hangovers, regrets, and maybe even babies; they will never end up with treats. Here are 6 things to hand out to college trick-or-treaters if they come your way:


7.) Reggie’s Coozies:
Coozies from Reginald’s Upscale Bar are the only ones that keep your beer cold AND exhibit your social status.


6.) Lyft Gift Cards:
Taking the drunk bus for a year straight to-and-fro Tigerland gets old fast. Lyft gift cards will save trick-or-treaters from puking on public transportation AGAIN.


5.) Costco Membership:
What’s better than one Natty? 300 Nattys.


4.) Earbuds:
This is literally the only way to protect your ears from the harmful bellows of Coach O’s voice.



3.) Pedialyte:
Alcohol is great, but the day after having enough of it to heal every infected wound from WWI, Pedialyte is what you need.


2.) 30A Stickers:
If you’re walking around campus with no stickers from Seaside, it’s social suicide.


1.) Amazon Prime Membership:
Three words: Rick. And. Morty.


After you’ve loaded down the neighborhood’s college kids with social status stickers and a free pass to continuing premature alcoholism, feel free to sit down, relax, and enjoy the leftovers.




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