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LSU Vapers Attempt to Make Vaping Great Again

You may have seen them around campus: all huddled up in the quad, blowing out sick clouds, muddling up your vision/pathway to class, but what this underground society at LSU longs for is more than a chill spot to blow their rings up into. These group of campus vapers are ready to make their presence known around campus; one that involves ongoing the quest to make “competitive vaping” an official organization at LSU, and maybe, just maybe, a part of LSU Sports.

“I’m a part time student, but full time vaper,” explains Rodney AKA Master Mouth, senior at LSU and founder of the school’s (unofficial) vape team.

“This is much bigger than some silly alternative to lung cancer; it’s a culture…a lifestyle if you will,” explains Rodney through a puff of his pineapple swirl-flavored vape. “A society that is a big part of LSU.”

The Black Sheep had the opportunity, the privilege of following Master Mouth around for the day, discovering the secrets of the #vape life. What we thought was a mere alternative to smoking cigarettes turned out to be a lifestyle that only few can abide by.

The act of vaping, in what initially began as a healthier substitute of cigarettes in the 60’s, is now a popular trend amongst college students, particularly on LSU campus, in which often, competitions of who can blow the biggest and best clouds—and who can play the loudest music on their phone speaker in the quad will arise.

“Vaping got me out of Smoker’s Alley,” explains Tony Cretino, freshman at LSU, and member of the LSU vape society. “Before I got into vape I was cutting class, spending all my time in the ‘alley, getting into trouble with the smokers, you know? Then I met Rodney and everything changed. Mostly my breathing.”

Tony explains how vape culture is very different than that of a cigarette smoker’s and claims he, along with Rodney, will make sure that LSU recognizes vaping as more than just a hobby.

“Cigarettes only go so far, bro. Vape though, is life. But with this life, we need funding for supplies. You know, like money for more powerful juices and for traveling to other school competitions, that kind of stuff. So we’re hoping LSU will finally help us out.”

Rodney challenges all students who #vape to join in on LSU’s first ever, vape competition**, which will be held on campus next week, (exact date and location TBA.)

Rodney feels this impending event will demonstrate to everyone—particularly to the school board— the strong communal hold LSU vapors have on campus and on society as a whole.
Rodney claims the winner of the competition will be deemed “LSU vape god” and will get to pick out the team tattoo.

“We’re hoping for a tiger integrated type of tat. Something that really honors the late Mike VI, while still showing everyone who we are.”

**LSU is still, NOT officially affiliated with the vape team on campus

Drunk people say the darndest things:


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