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Old Row To Abstain From Posting Nudes For Lent

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This week, Old Row has officially put its Lenten promise into action. The website, known to be the source of all things Greek, Southern, and debaucherous, has decided to clean up some of its content in solidarity with its many Christian followers. But without Yeti butts or rush tits, Old Row has been rapidly losing followers by the hour. The Black Sheep spoke with LSU students and a representative from Old Row on the matter.

For those not familiar, Old Row is a website in which college students submit photos or videos of anything Greek-related, right-wing, or naked girls. It’s a plethora of keg stands, rush tits, Yeti butts and pups, and Trump Trains. The website is popular amongst SEC schools and has hosted tailgates and events at LSU on many occasions.

“On Wednesday, I checked the Old Row twitter for spring break hype pictures,” said Troy Taylor, LSU sophomore. “But when I scrolled through their feed, there were no tits in sight. Just Yeti puppies and old Mardi Gras pics.”

Taylor and many other Old Row followers assumed it was a glitch for the day. However, almost a week later, the account has still abstained from posting any scantily-clad women.

“Me and my friends have all unfollowed Old Row until they start posting tits again,” Taylor continued. “I’m already giving up chicks giving me public hand jobs for Lent, and that’s hard enough. I don’t need this shit from Old Row.”

Many LSU students have unfollowed Old Row on Twitter and Instagram as a form of protest. They hope that if the website loses enough of a following, they’ll return to their previous content. We spoke with a representative from Old Row for comment on the matter.

“We just feel like changing things up for a minute. Our account has a certain stigma about it, and we just wanted to step back for a moment,” said Charles Dunlap. “And I mean, can these people really not go 40 days without pictures of tits? Just look through our archives.”

Although Old Row seems to be losing followers, Dunlap feels the break in content will up their ratings.

“We figure our followers are young conservatives, probably Christian too,” Dunlap continued. “We feel it appropriate to practice what we preach in lieu of the Lenten season. Come Easter Sunday, tits and asses will return. We’ll dig through the best of the spring break submissions. It’ll be worth the wait.”

Hopefully LSU students and other students across the south will be able to reflect on what really matters this season. If not, just know that those Spring Break 2017 tits are a mere month away.


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