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Shit You’re Just Too Old For At LSU



As senior year sets in and your AARP card arrives in the mail, your level of maturity may or may not evolve. However, your age indicates that there’s some things you just can’t do anymore, even though in your prime they were all the rage. You don’t live in a dorm anymore and you don’t treat the 459 as your fridge. So here’s some things you’re just too damn old for:


27.) Too old to Naruto run through the quad
26.) Too old for any Flo-Rida song to be played at a tailgate
25.) Too old to scream every time I see a friend on campus 
24.) Too old to scream every time I hear thunder
23.) Too old to think my references to post-modern philosophy will impress anyone in class
22.) Too old to buy an LSU fidget spinner
21.) Too old to chug blue motorcycles
20.) Too old to own every color of converse
19.) Too old to think smoking cigs is cool
18.) Too old to hook up with a freshman
17.) Too old to buy groceries from Outtakes
16.) Too old to roll out of class in the t-shirt from t-shirt night
15.) Too old to wear shower shoes to class
14.) Too old to go on a date at the 459
13.) Too old to only get foam out of a keg
12.) Too old to skateboard on campus
11.) Too old to shack in a dorm
10.) Too old to get our news from the Reveille
9.) Too old to do dress up everyday for class
8.) Too old to nap at the game, even though you probably will
7.) Too old to make fun of a professor in a GroupMe
6.) Too old to walk home from Tigerland
5.) Too old to buy all your textbooks in the bookstore #amazon
4.) Too old to believe that the administration is every going to fix Club Mid
3.) Too old for monogrammed backpacks & lunch-boxes
2.)  Too old to hook up with boys who wear Chubbies
1.) Too old to go out in Tigerland every night of the week that ends in “y”


You’re just too old to let yourself get away with your shenanigans from yesteryear. You still have your whole life ahead of you, it’s just all downhill from here. Make sure your dentures are glued on tight and you invest in extra comfy bunny slippers, it’s going to be a long ride.





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