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Spookiest BR Dates for You and Your Boo


Fall is here, the weather has kind of changed, and spooky Halloween vibes are pulsating through our veins. Baton Rouge is full of scary ass shit all year long, but these special spots are considered spooky and spirited. Didn’t know BR is actually a haunted shithole full of demons, ghouls, and blood-suckers? Look no further. Explore the city and get a spooky-ass boner with your boo by taking them on one of these ~spoopy~ dates.


6.) Seance on the third floor of Middleton:
Staring at each other creates serious intimacy, especially in the eerily unflattering lighting of Middleton. Hold hands across the table, bring your crystals (don’t forget to charge them), and summon the souls of your favorite dead celebrities and pets. They say if you hum Buga buga, Leonard Fournette, buga buga enough times, he might actually appear!


5.) Late night Icees at Circle K:
If you and your boo are big adrenaline junkies, this is the date is for you! At this time of night, any BR Circle K parking lot is filled with crack-fueled goblins. The goblins may pester you or key your car, either way you’re in for a night of ghoulish surprises while you romantically sip a Slurpee.



4.) Going to the local skate park to be jeered at by teens smoking Black and Milds:
What’s scarier than high schoolers with an attitude? Damn near nothing. If you can walk away, unshaken, by a group of jeering teenagers pretending to smoke blunts and wearing weed socks, then you are a celestial being. Hormone-induced teens are great at pointing out your insecurities, really stirring up some demons for you and your boo.


3.) Buy lean from some guy who approached you at Mellow:
For those who thrive on impulse, this date will just feel right! Purchase a few glasses of lean from a stranger and watch what happens. You’ll be so faded you’ll probably see ghosts in your apartment or summon a succubus! Either way it’s all a part of the Halloween spirit.


2.) Camp-out under the stairs of Himes:
Fans of The Blair Witch Project? Create your own night of terror by sleeping in a tent at the bottom of the Himes stairs. Who knows what critters and crawlers live down there? Perhaps the ghosts of every freshman’s crushed spirit will awaken. Make sure to bring your video camera, you’ll be in for a night full of spooking surprises.


1.) Hook Up Behind Reggie’s
The area behind Reggie’s — one of the spookiest BR spots of them all. Undercover cops, crack goblins, and the anonymous piss and jizz puddles make for one cesspool of a nightmare. Pucker up buttercups, you wanted scary— you got it.



Happy Halleauxween!




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