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A Judgmental Map of Baton Rouge, LA


There are plenty of maps out there of Baton Rouge, but none of them really tell us what campus is all about. We’ve taken the liberty to do you all a solid and create a map of the real Baton Rouge so you know what you’re getting into here at LSU. Without further ado, take a look at this judgmental map of our beloved campus:




Click the map to see a larger version!



Welcome to the tour of the best college campus in the world! Here are 10 tips to remember while taking the tour…


10.) Please do not feed the squirrels or any other animals during this tour. There are tons of animals on our campus from tigers, turtles, squirrels, and cows…especially squirrels. Chasing around college students may have bestowed upon them special begging skills, but do not give them food.


9.) You can thank the levees to the west of campus from keeping everyone safe…otherwise we would all be going to Louisiana Sea University instead.


8.) Don’t wander too far north of campus (marked in the map as Trump’s wall) if you want to keep yourself and your valuables safe.


7.) Our campus is beautiful, so please pick up your trash and put it into our brand new automatic trash machines.


6.) Don’t forget to check out the Playboy mansion (Miller) and run around the lakes if you want to find the trophy wife or husband of your dreams.


5.) We are full of athletic spirits and have the best college teams from baseball to football. Most of these events happen in the northwest part of campus. Feel free to check them out as everything is free except football games for our college students.


4.) Don’t forget to visit the 1st ever original Raising Canes. It was invented right here by an LSU student who turned his senior project into a multimillion dollar chicken finger industry. Geaux Todd.


3.) One does not simply go to LSU without a trip to Tigerland.


2.) Avoid Himes Hall. It’s really the place where dreams go to die. Tiger Stadium is where our opponents’ dreams die, but Himes is where OUR dreams die.


1.) If speech and debate is your thing, check out the free speech alley, where all the crazies shout obscenities to passing students. Tis a joyous place.


Like booze before noon? So do these guys…

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