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The 4 Most Overrated and Underrated Things At LSU


LSU is known for many things, sometimes we’re better known for the bad shit about us than the good stuff. The Black Sheep compiled a list of LSU’s most overrated and underrated so you can know what’s whack around campus.



4.) Waiting in line at Chick-fil-A”
Okay, okay- we know what you’re thinking. “Chick-fil-A is fucking delicious, fuck you!” Chick-fil-A’s food is grade A good kush. However, waiting in the fucking Union line between classes is really not worth the hassle. Also, if you don’t have Paw Points anymore, it’s a Sophie’s Choice choosing between using what little money you have on one meal or on Bogie’s cover.


3.) The drunk bus:
If you live on campus, then the drunk bus seems like the ideal form of free travel between campus and Tigerland. The TransLoc app can be pretty difficult for drunk eyes to read. The bus makes so few appearances throughout the night, the kids just can’t wait anymore. The drunks must shack NOW!


2.) Studying in Mid:
Middleton’s heinous furniture and disturbing desk graffiti create one of the least peaceful environments for cramming. The elevators randomly break, the air has a wet feeling, and CC’s is the worst. Half your study time becomes waiting in line for a shit bagel and blasting your headphones so you can’t hear the weeb behind you play World of Warcraft.


1.) Living on campus:
Dining halls serve greasy ass water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sure, you can wake up a few minutes before class, but you’re also on campus 24/7. You don’t know the feeling of relaxing at your own place and not having a raised twin bed. You also can control your own air conditioning and you aren’t limited to food in boxes.




4.) Frinks:
Holy shit. Not to sound like a tool, but bars offer free drinks nearly every night for two hours. They really know how to cater to broke college kids’ needs. For $5 cover, you can get super drunk AND be fiscally responsible. I’ll drink to that, brother.


3.) On-campus jobs:
No one in school wants to work, but LSU students need money to pay for all the gas we burn in Baton Rouge’s traffic. No better option than an on-campus job! Shifts are never more than four hours, and you get to sit on your phone, watch Netflix, or do homework. That week of minimum wage gets you just enough to keep up your shitty lifestyle. Way to go!


2.) The no-smoking policy:
Man, is this rule heavily enforced! Sike! You can literally smoke joes or vape anywhere on campus with no consequences. There’s even an area of the Quad designated “Smoker’s Alley.” Light it up, baby!


1.) Mike VII:
We literally have a baby tiger on campus. RIP Mike VI, but Mike VII is just as lovable. Jumping on the glass and posing for pictures with children– the feline is truly a gift. Fuck off, PETA– let us have this one. Viva Mike!





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