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6 Perfect Places For An LSU Tinder Date

Tinder has become somewhat of a social taboo for millennials. We all use it, but we would never be the first to admit it. There’s a certain shame that comes with any Tinder-related encounter. Tinder users’ bios often say, “We can lie about how we met,”– but why? It’s 2017, and we at The Black Sheep think it’s time to end Tinder shaming once and for all. To help spread good Tinder vibes, we’ve come up with a list of the six best spots on campus for a Tinder date.

6.) Smoker’s Bench:

Everyone knows there’s a certain ~artsy~ type on Tinder that enjoy debating Freudian psychology and astrology outside of Middleton. If you both show up smoking the same brand of Marlboro’s, it’s meant to be.

5.) The 5:

For people of simple pleasures, nothing beats a dinner date. Swipe your online lover into the 5 for a night of uncomfortable small talk over chicken wings and pizza.

4.) 4th Floor of Mid:

Some people use Tinder because they’re a little shy. If you’re afraid of small talk, the silence of Middleton is perfect for you two. Share a table and stare at each other until the security guards kick you lovebirds out.

3.) The Math Lab:

Instead of telling her how you spend your time, fucking show her. If you two are meant to be, it’ll all “add up.” When the TA isn’t looking, pass her a note that reads, “M3 + Y0u = <3”

2.) Design Quad:

What better way to get to know a new flame than to peruse the creations of LSU art majors? Amateur art and first dates go together like sculptures and trying to pretend all sculptures don’t make you think of sex.

1.) Subway:

Test your date’s assertiveness by taking them to Subway. If they know what type of bread they want when the employees ask upon entry–they’re a keeper. Six-inch Italian, please!

Now that the Valentine’s Day hype is over, redownload Tinder and remind everyone why being single is the best! Get over your Tinder shame and parade your Tinder flame through campus this week.


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