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5 Awkward Moments You Experience on the McKeldin Mall


Out of a school with 35,000 students, you’d think that you would never see a face that you know. That’s not the case. It always happens on the mall, of course, not only because that’s where almost everyone is when walking to class, but that is also Testudo’s domain; and although he is quite wonderful most of the time, do not underestimate his power. The Black Sheep has provided you with a list of five awkward possibilities that could occur on the mall so that you can watch out for and, hopefully, avoid them.


5.) Seeing that One Person Over and Over Again:




We have no idea who you are, yet we recognize their face more than our grandma’s. Maybe it’s destiny trying to tell you that this person is your soulmate, maybe it’s just because that person lives in a building near you; either way, just stop torturing yourself and go say hi—awkwardness averted.


4.) When Another Person Wants to Rub Testudo’s Nose the Same Time You Do:




You just end up looking like the most indecisive person in the world because you’re standing there trying to figure out if the other person is going to go first when he’s doing the same thing you are, yet Testudo’s nose has yet to be rubbed. Just go rub his nose first and you’ll save yourself the awkwardness of having a silent battle with a stranger. 


3.) Contemplating Whether to Approach Your Lecture Buddy:




You’re so proud of yourself because you made a friend in one of your classes but you’re still not sure if the two of you are on that level yet where you can run up to them from behind and start talking to them. So instead, when you see your buddy walking a few paces ahead of you, you slow your stride down and creepily walk behind him praying he doesn’t turn around and see you.


2.) Getting Stuck Behind Slow People:




This is more of a frustrating situation more than an awkward one, but there are definitely some awkward things you may be doing that you don’t even realize. The mall is the one place where you encounter the slowest people in the world and sometimes there’s so many people walking that you can’t get past them and end up walking right on their heels. Keep in mind that that person can probably feel your angry breath on the back of their neck—‘Nuff said.


1.) Running into Last Weekend’s Hook-up:




Here’s what we suggest: if they try to say something to you, say you’re late for class; if you see them walking towards you, run away and pretend you didn’t see them. Keep in mind that running away was mentioned in both of those solutions, so the bottom line is: when in doubt, just run. Don’t be afraid to sprint if you have to—drastic times call for drastic measures.


Even when you think awkward moments can’t occur on such a big school, they do, and most of the time, they’re inevitable, although, thanks to The Black Sheep, you now have a couple ways to avoid your awkward situation. Just remember to leave Testudo a nice offering next time and your life will be significantly better and awkwardness free.

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