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The 7 Shittiest Major Buildings At UMD

Every major at the University of Maryland has a home in one of the buildings on campus, but naturally, some homes are shittier than others. The Black Sheep explored building after building to find the absolute worst place that some majors have to call home. Maybe this list will make you want to change your major so you’ll have one of the sexier buildings on campus.

7.) Physics:
While this building is certainly sad because of its classic cinder block walls and off-white tiled floors, its design is not really the problem. No, this puppy is just full of painful memories for students in huge lectures, because this is where those 250+ people often have final exams. Ask anyone in the STEM field, and they’ve probably had to suffer through a final in this building. Just mentioning it will lead into a black and white flashback to CMSC250 sophomore year.

6.) Bio-Psych:
Good luck getting to class in this maze of a building. None of the room numbers make any sense, and the professors love to see all of the frantic freshmen sprinting around the building on the first day of classes. While it may or may not have actually been designed as a psychological test, it will definitely test your patience. If you signed up for a class here, might as well just give up now and accept that you’ll find the room just in time for the final.

5.) Atlantic:
The building formerly known as CSS feels like it was designed on drugs. Like hard drugs. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the second floor, you’ll have to go over three hallways and up a flight of stairs just to stay on the same floor. It’s so bad that people you ask for help in the hallways will usually tell you to leave and come back in a different door rather than trying to figure out how the second and third floors connect. It’s the confused student version of turning it off and on again.

4.) Math:
Walking through the hallways of the math building is like waking up with a really bad hangover. Time doesn’t make sense, the lights are always too bright, and you always feel vaguely nauseous. The building itself probably started out as a nice place, but the walls have soaked up decades of despair from students trying to figure out what the hell linear algebra is. At least there’s a Subway so you can dry your tears with some Italian herbs and cheese.

3.) Jimenez:
This building is gross. There’s really no other way to say it. Jimenez somehow manages to be both too bright and weirdly dark at the same time. Walking into the basement/dungeon, it feels like a descent into a moldy pit of isolation. Apparently, it’s now acceptable to hold classes in an actual sewer, complete with storm drains for windows.

2) A.V. Williams:
Here is where computer science majors go to die. Seriously, this place looks like a penitentiary from the 1800s, you know, the ones that are now famous for trapping the souls of tortured inmates. Sounds about right, although A.V. Williams locks up the social lives and motivations from all who enter. It has approximately 2.3 windows and no one can find them from inside the building, so there’s absolutely no chance of escape unless you want to tunnel through with a spoon.

1.) Architecture:
The architecture building had to make it onto this list just for how much it fails at being an architecture building. It has everything you could want for an awfully designed building. Random pillars that block your view? Check. Unintentional exposed brick? Yup. Awkward open spaces and uncomfortably small rooms? You bet. Rumor has it that the building was designed to show architecture students what NOT to do when making a building. Prince Frederick has a better design than Architecture.


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