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An Ode to Testudo


 UMD is home to this infamous bust

Absorbing all of our desperate trust

Familiar to Terps across the nation

Our turtle-y friend has a permanent station


By McKeldin he forever crouches proudly

Students paying homage to him devoutly

His influence preys on all of our fears

Especially when midterms bring us to tears


Testimony to his godly powers

The offerings with which he’s continually showered

And the nose rubbings that are constantly done

By all of the Terps, every last one

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There was that one time it went too far

For all future times it’s raised the bar

Just one A+ was his sole desire

The night he set dear Testudo afire


Heat and flames leapt through the air

Leaving his pedestal naked and bare

Firemen rushed to the scene of the crime

The trouble extinguished in practically no time


If you stand and linger by him today

You may get lucky and hear Images relay

The tale of Testudo’s miraculous survival

And those annoying visitors who insist on denial


“Accept this freshman!” may be heard

Passersby think that guy is absurd

“Here’s my bottle of vodka” shouts one more

Without Testudo we’d all be done for


With the turtle-deity right here in our midst

You know there’s no good reason to resist

So when your stress becomes profuse

To Testudo you must run, there’s no excuse!!


Ode to Testudo (1)- UMD- 2.23.16

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