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Spring Is The Frattiest Season At UMD, And Here’s Why

No one appreciates the bloom of spring more than Greek Terps. Spring at UMD signifies that the end of the year is imminent and a shitload of frat activities are about to kick off.

All of the excitement builds during rush season, and finally peaks during a violent explosion of “darty,” happy hour, and big-little Instagram posts that hits right around April.

As the days get longer, so does the list of sorority and frat events you’ll likely see splattered on your timeline. From socials, to Greek Week, to date parties, to formals, and semi-formals, and half-formals, and quarter-formals, and okay you get it.

And you definitely can’t escape the hallmark appearance of a Greek Terp in their summertime prime. It’s like, the thermometer hits 62 and suddenly every frat dude decides to throw on their Len Bias jersey to show off the biceps they don’t have to attract Becky with the good hair that is probably getting shitfaced at Bents with one of your brothers right now. Yeah. The Black Sheep went there. And the girls aren’t much better.

Are your lives really as fun as your candid pictures make it seem? And how do you find time between your 5 million social activities to do your web-assigns?? I hope your campaign for social chair goes well!

In between all your ridiculous T-shirt-making, paddle painting, and shotgunning, The Black Sheep wishes you all you Springtime Greeks the best of luck maintaining academic eligibility during the last 3 week grind of the semester!


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