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5 Hangover Cures Found Only at Miami


Whether you wake up in your bed or someone else’s, that “I’m never drinking again” feeling — with a double-dose of nausea, headache and regret — is a feeling every Miamian (or at least the fun ones) has experienced. Lucky for you, The Black Sheep has five ways for you to take your hangover like a Red hawk.


5.) Bagel and Deli:
What’s amazing at 3 a.m. is also great at 11 a.m. They even have a “Hangover Helper” bagel (Scrambled egg, ham, smoked cheddar cheese on egg). It’s like they know your drinking habits or something.


4.) Pulley breakfast sandwiches:
It’s the financially savvy option for those of us who need the grease to cure what ails us. It’s just monopoly money (that your parents paid for), so why not use it?


3.) Patterson’s anything:
If you can make there from your dorm without puking, Patterson’s is heaven for those that feel like hell. Anything on the menu will do, but they’re particularly known for their Bloody Marys- the real hair of the dog. Pop an Advil, and drink up


2.) Judging the other clearly hung over kids on their way to class:
Seeing how bad they look with their makeup smeared, sweats, and unnecessary sunglasses will definitely make you feel better about your post-binge outfit. It’s all about mind over matter, and if alcohol may have one the battle, but thinking “at least I look better than that sucker” will win the war.


1.) Puking on the seal:
What goes down, must go up, and if you haven’t already, all that alcohol wants out of your system. Puking will not only help you feel better, the instantaneous fame that will come from yakking on a university landmark is sure to boost your morale so much that you’ll forget you were ever a hot mess completely. And since there’s nothing in the legend about it, nothing could possibly go wrong… right!?


So you had a rough night, doesn’t mean you’re down for the count. Don’t think of it as a mistake — it built character and you will be a stronger person today because of it (at least tolerance wise). So try something on the list, pop a couple ibuprofen, and stop telling yourself you’re never going to drink again, you know you will. Love and Honor.


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