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5 Things You Won’t Miss at Miami this Thanksgiving Break


As Thanksgiving break (FINALLY) rolls around, we’ve compiled a list of things to look forward to leaving behind for the long weekend. The food is obviously a given, (because who doesn’t love a holiday dedicated to stuffing your face) but we’ve come up with a few other things you’ll get to leave behind that you might not have thought of.


5.) Spending All Your Money Uptown:




You never really realize how much you spend in one weekend until you leave Oxford for a weekend. Especially if you’re under 21, those entrance fees are KILLER. And then you factor in the late night (probably drunk) food runs, and the trashcans you buy for yourself/your friends/anyone within a 5 mile radius, you’re basically broke. Being at home not only keeps you away from all of Uptowns temptations, it also gets you around your family, who probably think you’re struggling and poor (which you are) and offer to buy everything for you (#blessed).


4.) Dining Hall Food:




Look, everyone loves Western or a late night Pulley’s run, but there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. Especially Thanksgiving food, like come on guys. If you’re not hyped, we’re seriously worried about you.


3.) Dealing with a Roommate:




No matter how much you claim to love living with your roommate, you can’t deny the fact that sleeping in your own bed in your own room is gonna be frickin’ incredible. You wont have to wake up to their obnoxious honking alarm, or say a tiny prayer in hope that when you open the door they wont be there.


2.) Walking EVERYWHERE:




We know there are some lucky ass people on this campus who have cars (i.e. Maserati guy) or one of those hoverboard things (i.e. the entire hockey team), but for the most part, were all hoofin’ it. Everywhere. Our average is about 6 miles a day, and although you probably count that as your exercise for the day (cause who wants to actually go to the rec) your legs do not appreciate it. Even if you’re not driving, having friends/family as chauffers’ is just as good.


1.) Dorm Bathrooms:




Let’s just take a moment and think together about the absolute horror that is a Miami dorm bathroom. 0.2 ply toilet paper, nasty floors/walls/ceilings/countertops, food and hair everywhere. If you go at the wrong time its closed for cleaning. You try to go take a sleepy 2am pee, and run into your neighbor puking in the shower. Basically, just not a pretty sight. We all get to go enjoy the privacy and cleanliness of our own bathrooms. Enjoy it while it lasts. Also let’s just talk about shower shoes. Prepare yourself for a weird out of body experience during your first shoeless shower at home.


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