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Five Ways to Leave Your Legacy at Miami University

The Black Sheep couldn’t be more excited for summer and for the new adventures. However, we’d hate for you to forget what you’ve experienced here at Miami, and we would hate even more for Miami to forget you as the endless supply of faceless incoming freshmen line up at her door to take your place. So presenting: Five Ways to Leave your Legacy at Miami University. 


5.) Write on the wall at CJ’s
Whether it’s your name, the name of your off campus house, or your initials carved into DickButt’s butt, writing something on the wall at CJ’s is a staple of the environment there. Layers upon layers of Sharpie marker have forced regular bar-goers to look at what’s written around them and realize that other people have been there before them, and boom! Legacy.


4.) Wait, why just keep it to CJ’s?
Take your Sharpie to all the bars Uptown. Write something in every bathroom stall of each and every bar in Oxford. When you come back to visit with your kids some day, and “Frankie W’s nutz were here” is still etched into Brick’s bathroom stall, you’ll know it was all worth it.


3.) Do Something Crazy at the Seal
One of the most common Miami traditions is avoiding that seal at all costs, besides those crazy people walk across it in front of tour groups (kudos).  But now that you’re leaving for good, go show that seal who’s boss and do something crazy on it. Don’t like, poop on it though, not that crazy, you weirdo. Do this unless your grades are on the fritz — you don’t want to fail your exams, and come back for a victory lap, do you? 


2.) All Oxford Bar Shuffle
Hit all of the bars in Oxford in a single evening, and surely someone will frame your picture and put it on a wall somewhere — be it Skipper’s or the police station. If anything, when you complete the task with your best friends, you’ll forge some spotty memories you’ll never forget — like being at your third bar of the day before noon and not crying about not wanting to graduate. 


1.) Upham Arch
The Arch is an iconic part of Miami University that holds one of the most long-standing and nationally renowned traditions in all universities across the country. However, if you’re like me, you’re way too single to have ever shared a kiss at midnight under that light in the middle of the arch that ensures a future marriage. So go do something else there, like burn past hookups’ clothes or just casually sit naked in a lawn chair without explaining yourself. Despite potentially being doomed to go unmarried the rest of your life, at least your mark will be left on this university.


Miami University has treated us all well, whether it’s in the way she has educated you with her nationally ranked professors, or the friends she has brought you to last a lifetime, or the crazy experiences that we can only live in college. So as you prepare to leave Oxford for the dark and scary “real world,” make sure you leave your own mark on this great university so she never forgets you. 

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