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How to: Start the School Year with a Bang

So, you’re stoked to be done with your retail job, brooding parents, and awkward high school friend encounters. Miami is welcoming you back with open arms, bars, and fees — but how can you guarantee to get this year off to a strong start? The Black Sheep has a plan.


Use free time to your advantage:

We’re not talking the time between classes; we’re talking those first few nights on campus and throughout the glorious syllabus week. You have no classes, no responsibilities. Go out every night! Stay out ‘til the bars kick you out and Bagel & Deli closes. Then wake up the next morning with your Advil and water ready and kick the stranger(s) from last night out of your bed. Use your day time, or as seasoned Miamians call it “the time before Beat the Clock starts,” to catch your friends up on all your summer hookups, or just listen to theirs and keep your shambly stories to yourself. Soon classes will be upon us, and six episodes into Gossip Girl you’ll wonder where all your free time went.


Get organized:

Your new room is a fresh slate. You don’t have six months of junk food wrappers under your bed, nor do you have six months of, let’s say, “the spoils of sexual exploits” on top of your bed. Situate everything in a way that will encourage you to actually study there. And by study we mean sleep. Sleep like there’s no tomorrow. No tomorrow and no classes and no homework. Your body needs it to gain strength for the stress it’s about to endure anyway… You know what, better take a quick nap on that new mattress, you can organize your room Sunday night.


Start a good relationship with your professors:

We’re not saying show up naked with an apple at the first office hours or be the kid that raises his hand CONSTANTLY, but don’t make yourself a stranger. Maybe stick around, say hi after class with any initial questions, make long, uninterrupted eye contact until one of you breaks. If you notice right off the bat that you aren’t performing how you want, ask the teacher how they would suggest you approach studying differently. Profs are always more willing to give an extension to a hard working student who is “just off their game” (after a particularly long night at Brick), than to a kid they didn’t even know was in their class


Start the year off with a bang… literally:

Not to be intermingled with the last paragraph — hey, we don’t know how well those office hours went 😉 — but nothing is going to put more pep in your step than one great night in the sack. Meet up with that girl/guy from last semester who you’ve been snapchatting all summer and see what happens. Just wear protection. Snapchats might disappear after ten seconds, but you know what doesn’t? The clap.


Legend has it, these are the greatest years of our lives. So start it off on the right foot and if you don’t, you can always Netflix and chill all semester and try again in January.

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