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Miami Mood Music for Every Hookup Type

Hooking up is much like using a pickup line on your TA at Broken: it could be the start of something new or it could result in awkwardly avoiding eye contact for the next four years. No matter the outcome The Black Sheep has your back with some music to make the best of your sober or more likely, drunken hookup.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in your dorm room on Western, or in a frat house, Uptown music can cover up the squeaking bed sound so everyone on your floor doesn’t hate you. Not sure your Hannah Montana and 2 Chainz playlist will make the cut? Have a little something ready for every type of thirsty Miamian you meet at Brick, a frat party and everything else far and between.


If you managed to talk existential literature between double wells at O-Pub long enough to wrangle one of these flannel unicorns for an “adult sleepover” have some music ready that will show them that not only can you listen to them interpret and analyze a grunge artist you’ve never heard of, but you can get busy to it too. With that said, the more obscure the better. If you’ve never heard of it and think you’d never want to, throw it on there, they’ll love it.


Songs to consider:

Glitch Mob — “Between Two Points”

The Arctic Monkeys — “Do I Wanna Know”

Anouk — “For Bitter or Worse” (Dutch post-grunge artist, check)


This one’s a no brainer. Bring your A-game, because for them the bar talk was warm up and your room is the championship round. Odds are they’ve already snorted about six lines of whey protein powder and cranked out about thirty pushups at the bar, so their libido is at an all time high. Keep them jacked up with some pump up jams that’ll keep ‘em going rounds at a time.


Songs to consider:
Eminem — “Lose Yourself”

Jim Jones — “Ballin”

Space Jam Theme Song (Nineties Night Only)


“Basic” Miami Chick:
Grab your pumpkin spice scented candles and your sanity because a night with this hookup warrants a playlist that’ll be stuck in your head for at least three days after. She’s done lip singing “Shut up and Dance with Me,” and is now ready to unleash her inner Beyoncé “Partition”-style all over your twin XL bed. If it played at New Bar, play it again: it will keep her FOMO away and focused on you. However, make sure to throw in some songs you sort of tolerate for some give and take… and the fact that she is blatantly using reverse cowgirl as an excuse to discretely check her snap stories.


Songs to consider:
Beyoncé — “Drunk in Love”

The Weekend — “Earned It”

Ed Sheerhan — “Thinking out Loud” (Show her your sensitive side)


The Bro:
His Carlton Banks meets Jimmy Buffet swagger caught your eye and now, after a stop at Pachinko’s so he can slap it up with his boys, he’s yours for the night. Remember the three B’s: Booze, Boats, and Babes. You don’t have to try too hard with this one, he’s already shotgunned 42 beers tonight, and anything sounds good to him.


Songs to consider:
Fetty Wap — “Trap Queen”

Darius Rucker — “Wagon Wheel” (He’s been singing it incoherently the whole walk back to your room, might as well hear someone actually talented drown him out)

Kid Cudi and Steve Aoki — “Pursuit of Happiness”


Now that you have some ideas, keep it going. Remember the rich diversity that Miami has to offer and leave no stones unturned. Just remember, different strokes for different folks…

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