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Miami’s 5 Worst Professors as Chosen by Miami Students


Do you ever leave class feeling like it is your civic duty to shout “My professor is a @#%$#” to anyone that will listen? Do you ever feel like smacking your head against the wall for not checking Rate My Professor before trading your sanity for a key to your own personal hell? Relax, The Black Sheep’s results to the 2016 Professors to Avoid Next Semester Survey are in. And trust us, like your eighth grade music taste, they’re raw and angsty.


The kids that responded may be fucked like a third class passenger on the Titanic, but that doesn’t mean you have to pull a Jack Dawson before even boarding the ship (too soon? Sorry.). Avoid their mistakes: if you answer “yes” to any of these questions, avoid the corresponding professors like the plague.


Disclaimer: Don’t kill the messenger. The following comments are actual submissions we received in a poll we hosted on our website. The Black Sheep is publishing these for entertainment purposes only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Black Sheep.


1.) Do you actually take an interest
in the subject of your class?


Then avoid…


Steven Nelson, Sociology Professor

Why? Students say:
– “Arrogant and unruly teacher.”
– “Does not value the opinions of his students.”
– “Takes his thoughts as law in a relatively soft science like sociology.”


Glenn Platt, Professor of Interactive Media Studies

Why? Students say:
– “He puts the classes on the back burner”
– “His students get stuck with a ton of work & literally no time to do it.”
– “He sucks.”



2.) Do you want to receive a grade that remotely
resonates with your intelligence and work ethic?


Then run away screaming from…


Kathryn Schlosser,  French Professor

Why? Students say:
– “You have an exam over tons of material every two-three weeks… Impossible to complete in the allotted time.”
– “The material for the exam is gone over in class for two minutes and she just says memorize it and then she moves on. “
– “TONS of work.”


Charles Moule, Economics Professor

Why? Students say:
– “He will leave you thinking you know what’s going on, until you get to a test.”
– “Passing was a 20% on my last two exams and I got a c with a 45%… That’s just wrong.”


Dean Smith, Professor of Kinesiology 

Why? Students say:
– “Don’t take him for 244- functional anatomy unless you want to die!” 
– “Unless you’re a genius and can remember where every little tendon, muscle, ligament, and groove is located, you’re in for a rough ride!” 



3.) Do you regularly rely on class participation to boost your grade? (Read: Are you a kiss ass?) 


Then web drop this guy immediately…


Daniel Prior, History Professor

Why? Students say:
– “He’s a jerk. He talks to you like you’re stupid.”
– “He laughs at you when you ask questions.”
– “Avoid him at all costs. I would never, ever, ever recommend this professor…ever.”


Hide your grades hide your dignity because these professors are out there and looking for their next round of innocent prey…ahem, students. May the Bannerweb time tickets be forever in your favor.


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