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The Best and Worst Things About Being Home for the Summer

Summer: it’s the best of times, and it’s the worst of times. You’re seemingly infinitely far away from the OxBox and Brick Street, but not bleeding money and eating green things feels pretty good too. Here’s a breakdown of the best and worst things about summer away from Miami.


Best Thing: Summer Vacation
Whether you’re road tripping to the Grand Canyon, lounging on a Floridian beach, or skiing in the mountains, summer vacation is undeniably the best part of the season. This is the time that you build that perfect tan that’ll have to last you the rest of the summer, because…


Worst Thing: Summer Job
Order up, you mumble for the thousandth time as yet another entitled customer glares at you from behind the counter. This particular customer is wearing cargo shorts, so you hate him even more. It’s 80 degrees outside and all you can think about is how badly you want to be at the pool. Unless you’re a lifeguard, then you’re thinking about how badly you want to get out of that goddamn chair. Either way, you know you have to work extra hard so you can make enough money to get lots of… textbooks


Best Thing: Chill Nights
Yeah, we all love dancing our hearts out at Brick Street on Tuesdays, or downing some free hotdogs from Pachinko’s, but it gets a little tiring after almost four months. Summer is great because you get to sit back, relax, and not feel too much FOMO if you decide to stay in for the night.


Worst Thing: Lack of Non-Chill Nights
Sitting at home and watching Netflix is awesome for about two weeks, three tops. Then it just becomes monotonous, and after going through a few stages of grief, you realize that you’d rather dance with the freshmen at New Bar than do it for another week.


Best Thing: The Spontaneous Summer Fling
You’re sitting on the hood of a car, gazing out at the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen, holding hands with the guy of your dreams. His name is Jimmy, and you met him at the local gas station. Okay, so maybe this what you had in mind, but you were lonely, and Jimmy… was just kind of there at the moment. You want it to end before school starts, he wants to get your name tattooed on his arm, what could possibly go wrong?


Worst Thing: Ending It
It’s not you… it’s me. Okay I lied. It’s totally you. August is rolling in and you’re counting down the days to when you’ll be back in the ol’ OxBox. So naturally, your summer fling needs to come to an end, unless you’re insanely lucky and found someone from your hometown that you really like that also goes to Miami. In other words: you found a unicorn. But as for people like Jimmy, they’ve gotta go. 


Best Thing: Healthy Food
So, you’ve gained some (or all) of the freshman/sophomore/junior/senior 15. It happens to everyone. But give yourself some credit; thriving on a diet of Skippers’ chicken tenders and Graeter’s ice cream is truly a feat in itself! Once you’re back home for the summer, you can rest assured that your mom will make you healthy food and that weight will melt right off like butter. Except it’s fat.

I think I just grossed myself out a little. 


Worst Thing: Healthy Food
One can only survive on raspberries and quinoa burgers for so long. Good thing there’s a McDonald’s right down the road. And if all else fails, you can make a day rip to Bagel and Deli, because everyone knows a good crunch n munch can cure anything. 


Best Thing: Catching Up With Your Parents
If you’re a horrible person like me, you go weeks without calling your mom and dad. But somehow, they understand and don’t guilt trip you. Now that you’ve returned, you can finally update them on your constantly changing life. 


Worst Thing: Explaining To Them What “Talking” Means
It usually goes a little something like this:
Mom: So who’s that girl you have so many pictures with?
You: Uhh, I don’t know… we’re talking.
Mom: What does that even mean, “talking”?
You: We hang out a lot and stuff.
Mom: So you’re friends.
You: Well yeah, but I like her and we go on dates sometimes
Mom: So… you’re dating
You: No.
Mom: What.
You: Fine we’re dating leave me alone.

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