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Top 10: Things Only Miami of Ohio Students Know to be True

Any student here will tell you that Miami is the best university in the country with its nationally ranked education standards and college town lifestyle, its beautiful people and red brick buildings, and the students’ ability to outdrink any other university student ever, hands down. But our home away from home has so many unique qualities and you know you went to Miami if you can relate to these and not think it’s weird at all.


10.) Pledge drivers are bountiful: 
Every school in the nation has fraternity pledges but at Miami, you’ll find more “Pledge Ride #1-#23” in girls’ phones than actual contacts. Even if you’re never going to talk to them again, you can totally call them at closing time and hope they’ll know someone who can give you a ride.


9.) Weekdays are defined by specials:
Wednesday? Oh, you mean trivia night at Skippers. 


8.) Farmer is the most elite building on campus:
From a grand piano in the entrance to the tall white columns guarding the entrance, Farmer shoves its elite-ness in your face like any member of the (nationally ranked) business school does after a few martinis. In no way is this anything like Napoleon complex. At all. Not at all. 


7.) Dividends salads are worth being late to class: 
Speaking of Farmer, wait in line for 15 minutes for a salad. You’ll only be like 3 minutes late to class, but you’re being healthy, and that’s what really matters. Especially after a 3-day bender. 


6.) Sorority/Fraternity apparel is everywhere:
With about a 1/3 of Miami being in Greek life, you see a fair share of incredibly cute spirit jerseys, formal tees, sweatshirts and hats. Like actually, they’re everywhere and completely accepted by the entirety of the students. A monkey would learn the entire Greek alphabet after a week at Miami.


5.) Each floor of King Library is incredibly different:
To an outsider it’s just any old library, but anyone who’s been here a semester knows you head to the bottom floor to gossip between notes, and the most intimidating level of academic silence, go to the third floor. However, be prepared for a downpour of deathstares if you have squeaky shoes on. 


4.) Don’t step on the seal:
People stop dead in their tracks, step back two or three steps, and go around that thing like it’s associated with the plague. On a snowy day you might hear, “Dude, you stepped on the seal!” “No dude, I stepped on the snow! It was the snow! Oh God, no! I have an ISA exam tomorrow!”


3.) Every car will stop for you:
No, like really — go ahead and walk. A crosswalk at this place isn’t exactly necessary in all occasions. Seriously. All of you should cross Patterson and High at the same time. Each and every student can walk. The car will slow to a dead stop from a whopping 30 miles per hour and wait, or they’ll pay your tuition. 


2.) Green Beer Day:
Students at Miami are unsure how the Thursday before spring break isn’t a national holiday and how professors think it’s okay to plan exams on that day.It’s completely normal to start drinking at 12:30 a.m. on Green Beer Day and keep drinking all day long with a few quick naps. These kids know the definition of “rally” better than anyone we can think of.


1.) Day drinking doesn’t come and go with a “season”:
It really doesn’t matter that Miami students don’t have a tradition of tailgating. With beat the clock at Brick Street and broken clock at The Woods, and countless parties with Slip & Slides for when it’s warm, we will day drink each and every weekend, during rain or shine, with or without a sports season. Because in all honesty, how are you going to turn down a full pitcher of cheap beer for a dollar? 


We’re new to campus but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blindly follow us on Twitter! We promise we’re not, like, super weird. 

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