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Top 5 Things Miami Students Already Miss about Oxford

Everyone’s finished the move back to their summer living quarters, but we know that Miami University students are pining for the motherland of Oxford, Ohio and their home away from home at Miami University. Whether it’s the fact that your parents are nagging you to do something productive or you’re just not really feeling the bars in your hometown, trust us, there are so many people feeling the same way.


5.) Skyline Chili Being Open ‘til 3 a.m.:

Such a luxury that is often taken for granted. There is no place in your hometown that allows people who are clearly trashed to stumble through their doors at 2 in the blessed morning. Let alone that they then give you quite possibly the best drunk food ever offered to mankind.


4.) Beat the Clock and Broken Clock:

What a staple of social life in Oxford: the Friday and Saturday afternoons held at Brick Street before stumbling across the street to The Woods. Without these weekly events, weekend afternoons are a lot less exciting. Everyone loves a nice afternoon at the pool, but smashing the clock, bouncing from day-party to day-party, and taking on the town with your best friends, is something that isn’t the same at home.


3.) Skipper’s Waffle Fries:

If you don’t love skippers, there’s something terribly wrong with you. The best, most deliciously unique food in town, Skipper’s is even better than your mom’s cooking. Don’t even try making waffle fries at home, because the shitty frozen kind will never taste as good. And sloppy food in my mom’s kitchen just generally isn’t going to as satisfying considering there’s a chance you might leave the oven on and burn your house down.


2.) 99-cent Margaritas at La Piñata on Tuesdays:

This is a general overview of all the spectacular drinks that are given over the course of one week while in school. Whether you’re going out for $6 Mind Probe pitchers, wine night, or taking advantage of incredibly dangerous tequila for under a dollar, the drink deals in Oxford are always better than they are at home. Happiness is a cheap, delicious drink and there’s absolutely no shortage of that at the bars in Oxford.


1.) Being (at most) a 20-minute Walk from All of Your Friends:

Your friends are what make Oxford home. And being away from them over the summer is the hardest part of it all. Pretty much the only reason you’re willing to get an education is because your friends are doing it too. And friends at home just don’t understand climbing on top of any raised surface at just about any party or bar or buying enough drinks to fill a pitcher up, just because you can. Also, there’s a lot les roofs to drink on at home.


Summers are supposed to be a break, but really it’s just time away from all the things you love in town. . Good news is, there’s only nine weeks left!

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