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What Your Desk Says About You

With limited space and furniture in our wonderful Miami dorms, the way college students organize, or don’t organize, tends to say a lot about them. Here’s a quick template to decide what your desk arrangements say about you!


Exhibit A: Engineering/ Pre-Med Major

Pshh, Type A personality? That’s not me. Look how cluttered my desk is! Just because I like to have clean workspace to relieve stress doesn’t mean I’m not chill. C’mon I’m pretty laid back, my Kleenex box isn’t sitting directly on top of the midpoint of my desk and it’s only slightly killing me inside. My schedule is pretty much plotted out by the nanosecond for the next eight months (all with coordinated alarms) but I still allot time for fun. I think people underestimate the enjoyment that can be gained out of simple things like a labeler or testing out a new pack of vibrant highlighters. I’m typically living it up at Club King, but I occasionally hold social gatherings in my room on weekends. Just remember, if you want to set your beverage on my desk, I have coasters! I HAVE F*CKING COASTERS!!! … 🙂 


Exhibit B: University Studies

Okay, I know it looks like a lot, but I swear I know where everything is. I don’t have enough time to explain my system to you because I’m running late, as per usual. The attachment to the creatures I’ve grown inside my dishes makes me consider picking up biology as my major, but I’ll figure that out somewhere down the road. I’m just not ready to label myself as a specific major yet, kind of like my desk. Why call it a desk? It’s more of a multifunctional space. It’s a clothes rack, a kitchen, a laboratory, and more. I’m actually just optimizing my space.


Exhibit C:  Working towards MRS.

My Desk…? Oh! You mean my vanity! I found it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and was totally pinspired.  And you know what they say, “Look good. Study good.” I spend a lot of time in this space, so it’s gotta look cute! You can bet your Uggs that if this piece of furniture is supposed to reflect me, it’s gonna be styled. The only drab side is that that lighting in the dorm is totally unflattering. I don’t see how people find room on their counter for books, there’s barely enough room for the makeup!


Exhibit D: Philosophy Major

I usually don’t do much work at my desk, I just find the space too confining. I’d rather just ponder my angst at Kofenya. I may do a bit of journaling there from time to time but it’s hard when all I envision with copious amounts of wooden furniture the university provides is a graveyard of trees. To me, the structure one must sit in this trap of a workspace is the position of surrendering one’s soul. This is a government ploy to mold our spirits. You should check out my blog post on the subject.  I frequently weep to the deterioration of individuality to the chants of underground bands you’ve probably never heard of.


Exhibit E: Frat Star

I don’t really know what to do with it, haven’t touched it since move in. It’s too short to play pong on but not quite large enough to hold the alcohol stash.  Maybe I’ll get some of the brothers together to mold a few together for a sick bar.



Perhaps you exhibit a variety of these arrangements throughout the year. Whether you live your life feverishly studying at your desk or prefer to grow life in your dreaded dishes pile, there’s no shame in your game. 

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