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10 Last Minute MSU Things to Give Up for Lent In Case Your Mom Asks

With Lent underway, many students will be trying to remain abstinent of certain pleasures until Easter. While alcohol or sex might seem like good places to start, The Black Sheep wants to challenge you to think creatively about your Lenten sacrifices. Here are 10 unique MSU favorites that will actually challenge the most devout Spartan for the next 40 days:

10.) Douche-y transportation:
Make the sacrifice of efficient self-transit and try to get around campus without your fancy moped or your compensation skateboard. It would certainly make the sidewalks much safer for the rest of us. 

9.) The lib:
Studying just became a lot less quiet. Good luck on midterms if you no longer have the sanctity of old books and confusing hallways.

8.) MSU Dairy Store ice cream:
With how much we all adore the sweet creaminess of the Dairy Store, it will seem like a sesquicentennial amount of time before we’re able to have another bite.

7.) Starbucks in campus buildings:
No longer can you fill that 60-minute wait between classes with a pilgrimage through the Wells Hall Starbucks line. Being forced to drink coffee from Sparty’s for 40 days would be enough to do most people in anyway.

6.) Bridges:
Looks like you’ll be wading your way across the Red Cedar from now on, and don’t think riding in cars will give you a free pass. Benevolent bonus points: you must also give up Miles Bridges.

5.) Conrad’s:
Is this even possible to do?

4.) Insomnia Cookies:
If Conrad’s is impossible, then this is even more impossible-er.

3.) Your self-assigned lecture hall seat:
The level of passion some of us have towards our favorite seats in and amongst classes will make this a true struggle. Not only will it elevate our undiagnosed OCD levels to maximum capacity, but it will most likely infuriate whoever’s seat we have just stolen.

2.) CATA:
It may seem like a good thing giving up the CATA – overcrowded bus rides in smelly, enclosed spaces. But you have to admit, it’s a helluva lot better than walking 400 miles from Brody to Comm Arts. Most couldn’t last a day without the CATA busses.

1.) Combos:
This would be absolutely brutal. It’s bad enough we aren’t allowed a combo during the weekends, but going almost two months straight without getting a toasted turkey sub? Don’t think you can cheat the

system by getting a combo box either. Meals can only be eaten in the caf – that’s a bad enough sacrifice within itself.


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