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100 Photos of Mark Dantonio Smiling But Actually We Could Only Find Like 16


We all know Coach Dantonio won his 100th game last night in the Holiday Bowl against Washington State. Very cool, big deal, we love coach. So here are the 100 smiles from all 100 wins to celebrate!


Ok so forget that thing we said about 100, we could only find 16. But look at this classic Coach D smile. He looks so genuinely pleased!


This one is obviously from last night. We wanted to make this the last one, but we just figured we should just get tot the gist since you’re already disappointed. It’s kind of only a half smile, but you get it.


Ah the Rose Bowl! How would we ever forget. Such a wonderful time. Coach obviously smiled on this day!


Hmm ok so this one seems to be Mark and his wife, Becky. We really wanted these to just be football-win related photos, but I guess this is a worthwhile smile too.


This is exactly what we wanted. Look at that smile, and the point. He knows he just won a big one. Good for Mark!


Ok so this one looks like it might be a close up of a press conference, but a closer look makes it seem like he’s playing some intense driving game or something. Whatever. A smile is a smile.


A press conference! Yes! Though this looks like it’s before a game against Ohio State not after. But that’s ok, it’s a smile!


Another press conference. Tough to say if it’s before or after a game, let’s just got with after. Wow look at that grin!


Ok another press conference. Honestly, it’s probably good this wasn’t just 100 pictures of Mark smiling on fields and at press conferences, that would have gotten so old so fast.


Mark and his good pal Tom Izzo- he’s got like 500 wins, but let’s not compare these friends like that. Let’s just enjoy their smiles.


Here’s another Rose Bowl picture, with Rich Homie Quan this time though. This is a good picture, fantastic smiles all around.


Oh shoot, this one is also #12. How did we screw this up?


Another great picture of Tom and Mark. They really are friends! They top like all the lists about great NCAA football and basketball coaching duos. Yeah it sounds a little specific but there’s more than one list.


Oh shit. That’s not Mark Dantonio, that’s Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni. How did this get in here? Fuck. Well just ignore this one. Ugh, I guess it’s a list of 15 now.


This one is a little blurry and it’s only like a quarter of a smirk but we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. There are only so many pictures of Coach smiling, okay!


THIS is what we wanted them all to be, at least we got a couple in there. Not even close to 100 but whatever, you get the point.

Sorry this list wasn’t what you expected, but hopefully you enjoyed it anyway. We’ll do better next time.

Congratulations Coach Dantonio, and Spartans past and present for so many victories!


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