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The 4th Annual Michigan State Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

Here we are in year four, round 3 of our Drunk Food Bracket. And wouldn’t you know, it seems that our finalists are no strangers to being in this position.

Conrad’s (1) vs. Cottage Inn (2):
It looks like we’ve got our two favorites. Two-time winner and defending champ, Conrad’s vs. 2016 champion Cottage Inn are at it again for East Lansing’s favorite deliciously intoxicating bracket.


Those of you who started at MSU before January 2017 know that the corner of Abbot and Grand River used to be the home of the original Conrad’s that was filled with wonderful people in addition to some wonderful eclectic art. It’s all gone now and turned into a goddam Noodles & Company. But don’t think that put any sort of damper on the reputation of Conrad’s in East Lansing. The E. Grand River location still satisfies the classic EL atmosphere you loved; the Frandor location is happy to deliver whenever needed; and the newest location on GR where there used to be a Goomba’s (RIP Pokee Stix) satisfies the other half of EL’s walk home.

Cottage Inn:
If you’ve ever gone into Cottage Inn, you’ve met George. The owner who was more that happy to serve you happiness in the form of pizza. One of the many Michigan pizza places we all know and love, Cottage Inn is somehow the best of them all. It beat out Little Caesar’s, and that sell-out Domino’s didn’t even make the list. This is everyone’s favorite pizza place in East Lansing, obviously. It could be the pizza itself, it could be the atmosphere of the joint, it could be the location, or it could be George. But no doubt this spot deserves to be in the finals once again.

Alright East Lansing, it’s up to you. Make the right decision here. Only you can decide.

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