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The 4th Annual Michigan State Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

It’s bracket season y’all. And that means it’s time for The Black Sheep’s annual Michigan State Drunk Food Bracket. Our 4th year running this wonderful tournament and boy, do we have some matchups this year. If you haven’t voted via Twitter yet, read on and cast an informed vote like a good citizen of East Lansing.

The Wrap Division- Conrad’s (1) vs. Menna’s (8): Two-time winner Conrad’s faces its longtime rival Menna’s in a wrap-battle unlike any other. 

Do you go with the East Lansing staple that is Conrad’s and their various wraps, chicken fingers, mac & cheese bites, burgers, and more that all give the perfect end to your night?

Or do you go with the Michigan-exclusive Menna’s, the scrappy underdog, with a tight menu that feeds your drunchie needs in every way imaginable?


The Fast Food Division- Green & White McDonald’s (3) vs. Taco Bell (6): The wildly convenient locations of your two favorite and most self-hate-inducing fast food restaurants go head to head.

Green & White McDonald’s:
Is the party east of Bogue Street? Damn straight you’re hitting McDonald’s on the way home. Not to mention this spirited double-decker burger palace will serve up that McDouble just in time to hold back the unholy fluids trying to escape your body.

Taco Bell:
But just because the McDonald’s has more school spirit, don’t think that Taco Bell isn’t just as worthy of a win. Taco Bell was there when you just really needed a place to pee on your walk home from Gunson. Taco Bell was there when you really needed to try whatever gross new thing they were debuting. 


The Pizza Division- Cottage Inn (2) vs. Pizza House (7) and Little Caesar’s (4) vs. Blaze (5): Grabbing a pizza on your Friday night walk home is like making an investment. You have some when you get home, some for breakfast, and then dinner and if you’re lucky you still might have some for your Saturday night. But the real question is: where do you pick up this pizza?

Cottage Inn:
Winner of our 2016 bracket, Cottage Inn offers students exactly what they need: a Stagger Home Special. Whether you walk home with this beauty in your arms or enjoy it in the establishment, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy it.

Pizza House:
For those who live in the Grand River/Michigan Ave area, you’re overlooking a wonderful gem. But those who live in East Neighborhood or the Lodges, know this place is not to be overlooked. You ever had Feta Bread? Well try it and then cast your vote.

Little Caesar’s:
There’s nothing quite like waking up next to a beautiful Hot-N-Ready in your bed. Morning pizza is the best kind, we all know that, so savor that little beauty and don’t let it out of your sight until the whole thing is inside you.

Blaze might not be open late, but it is open when you wake up still drunk with a crazy craving for pineapple-goat cheese-grilled chicken-pesto pizza (you’re definitely pregnant). Not to mention your mom won’t question it when she sees a ton of charges for it at 2 p.m. instead of 2  a.m.

Now go out and make an informed vote! The city needs you.

Need something to help pregame for St. Paddy’s? Try our Vine Power Hour:

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