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The 4th Annual Michigan State Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

THIS IS THE ONLY BRACKET THAT MATTERS ANYMORE. Forget about basketball, if there’s something Spartans are really good at, it’s satisfying drunchies with these delicious foods. Round 1 of our bracket is over. Here are the new matchups:

Conrad’s (1) vs. Taco Bell (6):
In round 2, Conrad’s, the beautiful hometown favorite is up against none other than the very conveniently located Taco Bell.

Beating out Menna’s yet again this year with 90% of the vote. This EL classic never fails to give the students what they want. They always deliver, in more ways than one. So whether you’re headed home from a party on Collingwood or you spent the night at home in the dark, Conrad’s will always be coming for you.

Taco Bell:
Taco bell narrowly beat out Green & White McDonald’s with 52% of the vote. We all know the best time to eat Taco Bell is when you won’t be able to remember that you ate Taco Bell. That’s what makes this such a great place to stumble into post-LouHa’s. Also, everyone has seen some fucked-up shit go on at this T-Bell, it really adds to the college experience.

Cottage Inn (2) vs. Little Caesar’s (4):
This round is Pizza vs. Pizza! Pizza! But which one do Spartans love more? Only time will tell.

Cottage Inn:
This former champ took 72% of the vote over the new contender, Pizza House. It’s one drawback is that you have to climb stairs to get inside, and sometimes the stairs up from Rick’s prove to be enough of a challenge that it’s just not going to happen a second time.

Little Caesar’s:
In the closest race we’ve seen this year, Little Caesar’s took down it’s fellow Drunk Food Bracket newbie, Blaze by only 2 votes. Maybe next year LeBron. Is Little Caesar’s hot and ready enough to take down Cottage Inn? Well it’s up to you, so be smart and cast that vote.

Remember, ROUND 2 IS THE TOUGHEST ROUND. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t quite decide here, maybe you go back and forth for a few minutes fouling the other team, so to speak.

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