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6 Basketball Hoops Abandoned During March Madness, Just Like Spartan Basketball


The sports are at it again, and many individuals are spending plenty of time this month cheering on their favorite basketball teams through a television screen. However, not all are joining in the fun, and many once popular fixtures are being ironically abandoned, out in the cold with no basketballs to hold. Here is our compilation of forgotten basketball hoops abandoned during the excitement of March Madness:


Trusty & Rusty:



If you’re looking for a tall pole that holds a net for balls to go through high up in the air, this one’s for you. So many people will yell “swish!” when they see their favorite team get, as they say, “nothing but net,” but this hoop does the real thing. Head over to the court between Sny-Phi and Mason-Abbot and listen to some good swishing before it’s too late.


Back Lot Babe:



This one used to be the belle of the ball; people shooting a few hoops after parking their car and before heading inside, but this month has been a different story. The worst part is, they can hear the cheers coming from inside the house, and know better than to think you’re just watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives reruns. Stop by and give this lovable structure the attention it deserves. 


Cold Soul:



Ugh. We can almost feel how ice cold that rim is, unnoticed and untouched for far too long. This is worse than those ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercials. With just one free-throw a day, you could save this hoop from falling into a cold, sports-less pit of despair. Someone, please, just—ugh.


Grey Guardin’:



So many good games were played here, and now, empty. If you listen closely, you can hear the shuffle of sneakers on the hot pavement, and maybe even a freshman being pushed down to the ground before the person he was guarding scores a three-point. Let this old sport relive its glory days one last time.


Hole in the Heart:



This one just hurts! That backboard used to get so much action, enough to completely obliterate it, in fact, and now nothing but cold, Michigan wind blows through its sorry frame. How can you look at this then walk into your warm house, only to watch other basketball hoops get so much action for hours on end? It’s disgusting, is what it is. We don’t care who you are, go love this abandoned hoop!


Trusty & Rusty II:



Now this one — wait, isn’t this the same hoop as the first one, just from a different angle and on a different day? And still abandoned? Agh! What is wrong with you cold, soulless people?!


If you’re looking for some good karma, even if it’s for your beloved team in the bracket, for the love of God, make some use out of these sweet, abandoned MSU basketball hoops.


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